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April 24, 2010

What is “leader”?

According to Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary, “leader” is a person in control of a group, a country or a situation.

So a good leader means a high quality, a successful, a kind or a suitable person who is in control of a group, a country or a situation. A leader must direct their followers or subordinate towards their goals through motivation and personal example.

So a good leader firstly, must creates a vision of the future that takes into account the legitimate long-term interests of the followers, secondly must develops a rational strategy for moving the group of followers toward that vision, thirdly enlist the support of key group whose cooperation, compliance or team work is necessary to produce that movement and lastly motivate the core group of people whose actions are central to implement the strategy.

This means that a good leader must be have the ability to think in order for him to create the vision and set the mission for his group of followers. Then he must share the vision and mission with the core group of followers. With the core supporter he must develop and share the appropriate strategy to achieve the goal or the vision. Then the goal or the vision and the strategy must be let known to all the followers so they can understand and take the appropriate actions in order for the followers to work and achieve the shared goal.

 As a good leader he must be able to motivate the followers so the leader must have the motivational skills. This means that he must have the ability to speak fluently and to be understood by the followers. He must have a least the basic skills in influencing other people or have a strong interpersonal skills. A good leader must have the knowledge about emotional intelligence and can apply the knowledge in his everyday life.  He know his feeling as it happens, he can manage his emotions, he can motivate himself, he can recognise emotions in others or empty and can handle relationship with others. These are the basic qualities that a good leader need in everyday life as well as in the time to face the crisis.  

 A good leader must be able to organise and train their followers. In order to achieve the goal or vision of the group, the followers must be group to carry out certain specific work, task or job. In doing so, the leader have to group the followers according to their knowledge and skills and develop their ability to carry the suitable mission. Every follower must have specific task assign to them. Before carrying the job or task the followers had to be train in order for them to acquire specific knowledge and skills. Among the skills needed to some group are social skill, administrative skills, motivational skills, problem solving skills and communication skills.

A good leader delegates some task to his followers.  One cannot carry the entire task at a time. To overcome this problem a leader must know to whom he must delegate some job or task. Delegation of work means we share the task under the guidance of the leader.

A good leader must practice good leadership habits. Among the habits are; know where his time goes. The leader must control his time not the time control him. Every second of his life must be spent for his group. Secondly he must focus on concrete result. Concentrate on results rather than just doing the work. Look up for the work and outward towards the goals. Thirdly build the strengths not weaknesses. This includes not only the leader but also the followers. Fourthly concentrate on a few major areas where hard work will produce outstanding results and lastly put a complete trust to God (Allah) and aim high to achieve the goals.

Note: Although I use the masculine gender in my speech it does not means that the feminine gender could not be a good leader. The chances of a woman can be a good leader is the same as the man.

Conclusion: A good leader must be able to set the vision and mission of his group, set out the strategy to achieve it, train the followers to carry out the task assign to them.  At the same time he must be able to motivate his followers and he must set good habits and example to the followers. TQ

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